May 15, 2013

MTN Invitational Election Day Drive

What's up guys. Sorry for the long absence of a post since MC has been busy with some other projects. For those who don't know how the Mat Canyon website began, let me tell a little history about it. it started as a humble DIY website talking about the hill running or canyon racing scene (also known as Touge). But sooner and later, it became a full fledged motorsport and photography establishment. That's how the name 'Canyon' came along.
It has been a long time since I came to the mountains, no matter as a driver or passenger. But what was different on this day it was the Malaysian General Election day. So most of the drivers had ink on their fingers. But forget politics for now, we all came to drive.
This is Real Touge and Hillrunning
The conditions were a bit wet, limiting the drivers to go full swing with their machines. The route chosen for the drive was the Genting Sempah and Bukit Tinggi road. Genting Sempah features a tight course whereas Bukit Tinggi is more of a sweeping high speed course.
CA4A Mitsubishi Mirage featured on 'Hatchback Throwback'
Honda Integra DA6 with DC2 front conversion
 The machines that participated were mostly FFs like Accords, Civic, Satrias and an Integra. But there was also an FR in the group. An A31 Cefiro with an R32 front conversion. All went well during the drive which stared at 4pm. We hung out at the Bukit Tinggi Mosque since it was raining.
After rain subsided, we all headed home. But while we were all rolling on the highway, we had an on-the -road photoshoot. Blocking traffic like a boss. I was impressed for the first to see the Malaysian Touge Network (MTN) can cooperate in formation. Due to that, we managed to some really 'gangtsa' pictures on the highway.
Honda Accord SV4
Perodua Kancil
After having drinks at the Genting rest stop, we all parted our separate ways after going downhill Genting Sempah in the rain. all went well with no unwanted accidents. Not including a few small incidents but its all good. Lastly just to say, don't let races or politics divide us. Keep driving fun. Until next time. Peace yo!
A31 Cefiro with R32 front conversion
Bukit Tinggi descend

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