Apr 17, 2013

Team Drift Battle 2.0

What's up guys. The guys from Speed City KL are back with a special event. The Team Drift battle series. For those who don't know, Team Drift Battle is basically a drift off consisting more than one car per run. Between teams of 3 or 4, one team must make a synchronized run and maintain close proximity with each other in order to win.

As we all know, the champions of the last Team Drift Battle is Team Warhead consisting of Tengku Djan, Loyai and Wan Boss. Will they maintain their dominance or will an underdog team knock them out? Here's the story.

This is the list of teams involved in the Team Drift Battle.

 -Team Jual Magazine: Ariff Jo, Jane, and Farhan
 -Drifta Holix:  Min Min, Atok and Botak
 -Jawa Taiko: Daus, Ah Fong and Saparin
 -MZD: Lan, Ejad, and Ucop
 -War Head: Djan, Loyai, and WanBoss
 -Yellow Mie: Sham Sahar, Shah and Iswan
 -Corolla Perkasa: BullZai, Angah Tanaka and Dol TGS
 -KE70: Fakrul, Epul and Suhailan.
 -1Malaysia: Warnbro, Jeevan and Timothy Yeo.

The first team to run was the first to be dominant in the competition which is Team Jual Magazine. With Ariff Jo and Azrina Jane on the same team, it will never disappoint since this husband-wife team mates are known for their synchronization on the track. But their dominance was short lived when Team 1Malaysia knocked them out. After that they were knocked out by team Yellow Mie. Soon after that, when it was time to battle Team Warhead, Team yellow Mie was close knocking them out but Warhead's close proximity was proven no match to Yellow Mie. Warhead once again came out on top as champions that night. Well that's all from me. Untill next time. Peace!

Claire (尐瓜) was nice enough to pose for the camera

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