Apr 24, 2013

Saturday Night Drift Assault 68.0

What's up guys. We are back fresh with another edition of the Saturday Night Drift Assault series here in Speed City KL. This week, we got the same drift action. But this time we are using a new track layout.

The layout used this week was the layout from last year's Formula Drift Malaysia. It consist a long straight with light transitions. Goes all the way to the wall before a tight chicane at the end. Personally, this layout is one of my favourite ones.

This week, we welcomed a car club consisting of 90s Beemers from the E36 Fanatics. E36 just like Djan Ley's track car. From the usual sedans to the rare E36 Coupes. Well, that's all from me. Until next time. Peace!

For complete album, check out Mat Canyon's Facebook page.

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