Sep 3, 2012

Saturday Night Drift Assault 42.0

What's up guys. It's been two weeks since the last SNDA event at Speed City KL for the Eid-ul Fitri holidays. Even though Tengku Djan was absent this week due to the Hot Import Nights event in Penang. There was still some interesting drifters like Loyai Hanizam and his S14 and Rudy with his new toy, an FD3S RX-7.

Rudy's new toy
This week, Speed City KL invited the Nippon Bro Motormania and The Malaysian Cefiro A31 Club for the parade ride. In conjunction with Independence Day which was on the 31st August, the spectators in Speed City KL sang the national anthem "Negaraku" showing love to Malaysia. Besides. Malaysia is the illest ever! After that, it ended with fireworks to complete the celebration. I guess that's all for now. Till next time. Peace yo!

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