Aug 28, 2012

MegaLap Malaysia vs Singapore Round 4

What's up guys? Now due to the cancellation of MegaHill which was suppose to take place at Bukit Putus, MegaLap Time Attack Series straight away went to Round 4 which was held on Sunday at the Sepang international Circuit (SIC). Since it was held on the last day of Eid-ul Fitri break, not a lot of competitors came out. However, the big names were still able to make their appearance like Akina Teo, Leona Chin, Faye Kusairi, Desmond Yee, and of course Tengku Djan Ley. Here are the official results.

  Besides all the usual players, SPARK Motorsports from Singapore took out their brand new rides. I would personally call it "Weapons of Mass Destruction". Their time attack Nissan S15 Silvia and Mitsubishi Evo CT9A both driven by Akina Teo and Leona Chin.
Aside from that, Megalap recently opened a new category called "CamPro Chase" where only two cars entered. Ken Erai's Satria Neo and Izwan Bahrom's Gen 2. The fastest lap time for round 4 was set by Akina Teo in the SPARK Evo at 2'26"527. Congrats to all winners. Next round will be held in Pasir Gudang. Until next time, peace!

Every petrol head will always remember the moment they first
laid eyes on an amazing machine.

-Mat Canyon 2012

Tengku Djan

Faye Kusairi

Akina Teo, winner of Round 4
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