Mar 22, 2017

Rocket Lemon | Fast lap Autoworks Honda Civic EG6

When it comes to making an achievement, normally people will only take notice once a particular entity makes it to the top tier of whatever area they are active in. However, they rarely take notice when that entity is still a work in progress. Very few will know the struggle and hard work it takes to be on par with the big boys. Personally, I can relate to the yellow Civic EG6 because I took notice at it when it was still in pieces. It was at the time when I was helping my friend with a shoot at Fast Lap Autoworks, that's when I noticed the car when it was still in pieces.

At the time, the EG6 was just a body shell with a bolt-on roll cage and a racing fuel cell. But most importantly, sitting in the engine bay was a prepped K20A motor. From that point on, I knew I had to pay attention to the progress of this car. After completion and a few races later, I finally get to know the full story behind this very well built and ridiculously fast machine.

Previuosly, the guys from Fast lap Autoworks had a drag racing background. So it was know surprise that they were previously known for their drag builds. But it wasn't only until a couple years back when they decided to change their direction to circuit racing. For them, they see circuit racing as a more versatile discipline since engine power isn't the only factor that determines the outcome. On top of that, Amy from Fast Lap also had a chance to learn more about tuning for circuit racing from Jun which is a well known tuner shop in Japan.

So sometime in 2015, Amy and Arok decided they wanted to enter the Malaysian Speed Festival series. Coincidentally, Arok had an empty body shell of a Civic EG6. They didn't know what to do with it so they decided to build a race car out of that body shell. While taking the EG6 to get the wheel alignment done, they met Faidzil Alang from Fawster Suspension. So Faidzil had a chance to test drive the EG6 and he liked how the car drives. So shortly, Faidzil joined the program to race the EG6 alongside with Arok. They entered their first race the third round of MSF in 2015. The final race of that year, they were able to achieve 2nd place.

Throughout 2015, they concentrated on getting the suspension set up right. Then in 2016, they stripped the whole car and rebuilt it from the ground up with the K20A motor as their powerplant. But up to the third race in 2016, they decided to up the ante and run a K24A motor up to this day. However now with the K24A motor, they have to retune the suspension set up in order to have the handling of the EG6 in perfect balance.

The K24 block that they are currently using is a 88mm bore and 99mm stroke spec. They are currently using Wisceco pistons with 12.5:1 compression, Carillo H beam connecting rods with a K24 crankshaft. The cylinder heads were specially prepped by Nasty Port Flow with Skunk2 Ultra 3 camshafts. The EG6 was tuned on a Mainline Dyno with a Haltech Elite 1500 engine management system. The motor is currently making 286 bhp and 31.5 kg-m of torque.

Seeing it perform on track, it is easy to notice that this EG6 is one torque animal on the Sepang circuit. But of course with all that power would be nothing without being able to transfer it to the asphalt. Currently, the EG6 holds a personal best lap time of 2'19"403 on Sepang which is probably time attack territory. That just proves how well built and set up this EG6 is. Hopefully in the future, we will be able to see more machines like this that is able to push the limits on track.

TUNING MENUOwner: Arokiey Enam Lima
Model: 1992 Honda Civic EG6
Location: Shah Alam, Malaysia

2.4L K24A Inline-4,
K24A Block 88mm bore x 99mm stroke,
Wiseco 88mm Pistons 12.5:1 Compression,
Carillo Forged H Beam Conrods,
Skunk2 Ultra 3 Camshafts,
Supertech Dual Valve Springs,
JUN Titanium Retainers,
Nasty Port Flow Prepped Cylinder Heads,
FL Fabrication Custom Titanium Exhaust System,
Skunk2 Intake Manifold,
Skunk2 74mm Throttle Body,
FL Fabrication Intake Pipe,
Elixir Fuel System,
Elixir 1050cc Injectors,
K-Tuned Fuel Rail,
ATL 46 Liter FIA Spec Fuel Tank,
Haltech Elite 1500 Engine Management System,

6-speed manual,
Albins Custom Gear Ratios,
Spoon 1.5 Way LSD,
OS Giken Twin Plate Clutch,

Fawster Custom Coilovers,
Cusco Bolt-On Roll Cage,
EK9 Strut Bar,
Hardrace Lower Rear Control Arms,
AP Racing 4-Pot Brakes (Front),
Slotted Rotors (Front),
Endless CCRG 1000 degree Pads,
Wilwood Master Pump,
Steel Braided Brake Hoses,

Enkei RPF1 17 x 9jj Offset +35 (Front),
Buddy Club P1 17 x 8.5jj Offset +38 (Rear),
Hankook Ventus TD Z221 245/40/17 (all round),

C-West Front Bumper,
FL Fabrication Custom Fenders,
FL Fabrication Custom Front Splitter,
FL Fabrication Custom Rear Diffuser,
Carbon Fiber GT Wing,
Carbon Fiber Front Hood,

Custom Race Dashboard,
Haltech IQ3 Head Up Display,
K-Tuned Shifter,
Recaro SPG Full Bucket Seats,
Beltenick Racing Harness,
Sparco Monza L550 Steering Wheel,

Fast Lap Autoworks,
Fawster Suspension,
Elixir Fuels,
FL Fabrication,
Nasty Port Flow,
MOB Design Decals,

Fast Lap Autoworks,
No. 9, Jalan Pengacara U1/48,
Temasya Industrial Park,
40150, Shah Alam, Selangor.


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