Oct 11, 2016

City Street Weapon | Fazli's Mitsubishi Lancer

Some time in the distant past, a modified street and a full fledged race car would be easy to differentiate. One being that at the time, a full fledged race car usually be based from a high performance car whereas something more street oriented would be based on something more compact like a hot hatch. But as time passes and technology progressed, the differences between these two are becoming more obscure. However, seeing a decently modified base model car like a Lancer CS3 seems to throw a person back to the time when the 'modified sports compact' was largely glorified.

Depending on where you are from, the base model car that frequently becomes the canvas for an entry level modified car may vary. The most notable car would be the late model Honda Civic. For our base of Malaysia, a lot of the Proton cars like Wiras and Satrias become the entry level platform of choice. For the city state of Singapore, the Mitsubishi Lancer CS3 would be dubbed as the entry level modified car platform for most. This would explain why there are a lot of Lancers running around the city with aftermarket wheels, exhaust and even a few aero parts.

For this Lancer, it is clear that the owner, Fazli didn't hold back from making this Lancer his own. Though some so called conservatives may call this 'ricing', but unlike the reference, the exterior remains tasteful with an aggressive approach without any part being out of place. Though it is considered overkill for some, the combination of carbon parts, vented hood and ridiculously big wing just falls into place. It actually got me believing that it was a race car. But of course, he didn't forget the basics like a nice set of sticky AD08R tires and a decent set of BC Racing coilovers.

Fazli became interested into cars at a very young age. He still remembered when he was still a young boy, he would drive his rechargeable motorized toy car during the weekends. As time goes by, his interest grew into a full time passion. Mostly he got it from his father who also modified cars during his early adulthood. Now Fazli is proud to do the same thing.

When Fazli reached to the age, it was time for him to find a car for his own. Since it was his first car, he didn't mind to settle for something basic. So he got himself a stock Lancer CS3 from a friend of his since she wanted to get herself a new car. That was how he got the Lancer. Shortly he got himself the his first mod which was the huge Voltex Type 5 carbon fiber wing which looked pretty ridiculous on a stock Lancer. But Fazli already decided to go for the boy racer look for the car which in the end, the aero parts that he slapped on made sense.

Underneath the boy racer exterior, the Lancer is running on a 1.6 liter inline-4 4G18 motor. Basically the modifications only consists of a number of basic bolt on parts. The displacement was maintained at 1.6 liters. However, custom made high lift camshafts and Aerospeed cam gears were installed in the cylinder heads. The motor also has a long ram HKS intake, an S90 throttle body and a Drift Racing exhaust system. Largely a basic all motor set up. The motor is tuned with a Greddy E-Manage Ultimate ECU.

Regardless of how basic the engine set up is or how flamboyant the exterior may be, Fazli does find time to take the car for casual track days at Pasir Gudang circuit which is located just on the other side of the Tebrau Strait. On future plans of his car, he haven't planned for anything major in the aspect of performance. However, he does plan to do changes to the exterior with either a brighter body colour or go full body race style livery. But for now, I would still give props to Fazli for not being afraid to build his base model Lancer into something that is truly his style.

Owner: Fazli Zulkifli
Model: 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer CS3A
Location: Marina Bay, Singapore

1.6L 4G18 Inline-4,
Custom High Lift Camshafts,
Aerospeed Cam Gears,
Aerospeed Spark Plug Cables,
D1 Spec Oil Catch Tank,
NRG Engine Dampers,
Low Temperature Thermostat,
CE9A Engine Mounts,
Long Ram HKS Intake with Custom Pipe, 
S90 Throttle Body,
Custom Bored Intake Manifold,
Forge Racing Aluminum Radiator,
AVS Fuel Regulator,
AVS Fuel Pump,
Drift Racing Exhaust System,
Greddy E-Manage Ultimate ECU,

5-speeed manual,
Jasma Super Single Racing Clutch,
Jasma Short Shifter,

BC Racing BR Series Adjustable Coilovers,
Summit 22mm Anti Roll Bar,
Summit Front Strut Bar,
Summit Rear Trunk Bar,
Hardrace Bushings,
Ultra Racing 4-point Lower Brace,
Ultra Racing Rear Upper Bar,
Custom ASR and Beaks Bar,
Aerospeed Room Bar,
Custom Front Fener Bar,
D1 Spec Mini 6-pot Brakes,
Slotted Brake Rotors,
Stainless Steel Brake Hoses,

XXR 527 15 x 8.25 Offset +20 (all round)
Yokohama Advan AD08R 205/50/15 (all round)

Ralliart CS5 Front Grille,
Polyurethane Front Lip,
Polyurethane Universal Side Skirt,
Custom Rear Lip,
OMP Tow Strap,
HKS Kansai Rear Diffuser,
Bumper Holes,
Vortex Generator,
Voltex Carbon Fiber Front Hood,
Carbon Fiber Front Fenders,
Carbon Fiber OEM Style Trunk Lid,
Voltex Type 5 Carbon Fiber Wing,
Ganador Side Mirrors,

Recaro SPG Full Bucket Seats,
4-Point Takata Harness,
350mm NRG Steering Wheel,
NRG Quick Release,
Carbon Fiber Gear Knob,
Evo 9 Meter Cluster,
Defi ZD,
Apexi Rev Speed Meter D1 Imamura Edition,
Push Start Button,



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