Jun 16, 2016

The Racer's Edge | The Honda NSX Type R

When it comes to cars, it can go through many different levels regardless if you're just entry level neighbourhood project JDM to a shop built 4 figure horsepower exotic. This also depends on the driver's skill set as well. Does he prefer something simple, basic and underpowered like an AE86 or something that is a hybrid sports car that practically runs on computers like a Porsche 918? But if one would say he is an established race car driver for GT3 class, what would he go for?

For the case of this person I know who is an established driver, he got himself something that was raw, simple yet very capable when it comes to chassis performance. On top of that, the car that he chose is considered a ridiculously rare gem even by supercar standards. His weapon of choice is the Honda NSX Type R NA2. As it runs on a transverse all motor V6 engine, a manual gearbox, and rear wheel drive, some say most modern day supercars used the NSX as their build reference. Seems logically especially since the suspension tuning of the first model NSX was consulted with legendary driver, Aryton Senna.

While in South East Asia, there may still be a good number of Honda NSXs that are still running on the streets today. Even in Kuala Lumpur, a person may get a chance to spot one going through the workshop district in Sunway. One could be excited seeing since it is considered as the pinnacle of JDM sports cars. However, this NSX that we came out with was special because it is the only known NSX-R that is on Malaysian shores.

Unlike most cars that has been featured here, this NSX is left almost entirely stock. The fact was, in the hands of a skilled driver, why would you need to modify an NSX-R? The only major changes done to the car is the aftermarket Endless brakes. For the owner, it is his perfect extension to his driving skill set thanks to the lightweight aluminum chassis and suspension geometry making the stability unmatched by most performance cars.

On the night when I shot this car, me and good friend of mine met the owner out at a restaurant in Gombak and we wanted to shoot the NSX at a closed car wash out in the westside of Kuala Lumpur. During the drive there, that was when we witness the capability of the NSX in the hands of a driver who's capability is matched with his car. It was like watching a spaceship hit hyperspace that ran on four wheels, One corner and he's gone!

I have to say a big thank you to the owner for finally letting me to shoot his car out on the streets. For myself, a car this special is only fit to have images of it captured in an open environment. Just like a wild animal out in the wilderness, where it belongs. In a way, it is like a form of appreciation for such a legendary machine. Despite being treated like a collector's item at home, one must never forget what the sports car is built for. This is exactly the message that we try to portray in our tagline "Driven, Not Parked". If it is your source of driving pleasure or built to perform, get out and drive it.