Apr 14, 2016

Appreciating Originality | Skyline R32 GTR by Garage R

From the day I started shooting cars under my blog’s name, I always keep a list of favourite cars that I always wanted to shoot and write about. This list of cars I have can range from a rare classic to a highly exclusive trim of a particular model. There have been times because of these targets, I find myself on a wild goose chase of lost hope and baseless tips. Of course, I was fortunate enough to cross out some of the entries in that list, a Voltex kitted CT9A, an NSX and a Rocket Bunny BRZ just to name a few.

During the same period of time, I also began to develop a huge appreciation towards the R32 GTR. Despite knowing about the R34 GTR first when I was a kid through the Fast And Furious trilogy, it wasn’t until my 20s when I started to know and admire the R32. The biggest reason was the absolute simplicity of its appearance. It all falls into place and it is one of those very few cars which I will not change a thing on its factory exterior. Thus, this was also why the R32 GTR is also an entry in the list of cars that I want to shoot at least once.

While I was visiting Garage R in Singapore, Jason Lin, the shop manager took out a Skyline R32 GTR which belonged to one of his customers. The car itself was in immaculate condition. The fact that cars that are more than 10 years old are considered an endangered species in Singapore, how could there be an R32 GTR still being driven in Singapore out of all places? But it did not matter to me since the car was right there for me to shoot and experience.

The owner has been a Skyline enthusiast ever since the early 90s when someone he personally knew imported one from Japan at the time. It wasn’t until three years ago when he finally bought one from a friend. However, it wasn’t exactly in the best condition despite making around 600 horsepower at the time. It was clear the power was a bit too much for the owner. So after a few months of ownership, he decided to send the R32 to Garage R for a complete rebuild.

The whole rebuild and restoration process took a very solid six months to complete since there were quite a number of issues that needed to be addressed. Among one of the major changes to the car was the change in turbo set up. Previously, the RB26 motor in this R32 GTR was running a huge single turbine set up. So the guys at Garage R changed the set up to the smaller HKS GT-SS twin turbine set up which was similar to the stock specs. This was because the owner wanted to be able to have a car that was suitable to be daily driven.

After the rebuild was complete, the R32 GTR was daily driven without any major issues. Soon after that, sometime in late 2014, the owner joined a club from Singapore called the Traction Circle Club. The members of the Traction Circle Club largely consist of weekend track drivers who frequently go up to the Sepang circuit to hold their open track days there. Hence, after joining the TCC, the owner became a weekend warrior and started to take his R32 GTR on occasional track days whenever he has the time.

Aside from the rebuilt RB26 motor, everything else on this R32 GTR has been restored and maintained in great condition. Of course, since the R32 GTR is now taken to the track occasionally, the car is now fitted with HKS Hipermax IV GT coilovers and ProTune competition brakes which are an exclusive item that can only be found at Garage R. Not only a machine like the R32 GTR must look good, but it must also be able to excel on track just like how the original designers intended it to be.


After spending an afternoon with this R32 GTR in Singapore, my appreciation towards the R32 has grown significantly. Despite being more prone to like modifications and tuning, there will be those rare occasions where I find a car that’s better left untouched. It is either that or at least not modded up to the point where the car’s character and charm changes. I have mentioned this before and I will mention it again, the R32 GTR is best left largely untouched. This R32 GTR from Garage R is a great testament of this claim.

Owner: Anonymous
Model: 1989 Nissan Skyline GTR BNR32
Location: Yio Chu Kang, Singapore

2.6L RB26DETT Inline-6
Nitto Forged 86mm Pistons,
Nitto Forged Conrods,
Tomei Type R PonCams Duration 250(IN/EX) Lift 9.15(IN/EX),
Tomei Valve Springs and Retainers,
HKS GT-SS Twin Turbos,
HKS Racing Twin Blow-Off Valves,
Stock Turbo Manifold,
HKS Front Pipe,
HKS Silent Hi-Power Exhaust System,
ARC Air Box,
ARC Radiator,
SPL Custom Radiator Fan,
Sard Fuel Regulator,
HKS Fuel Pump Upgrade,
HKS 800cc Fuel Injectors
HKS Fuel Rail System,
R.I.P.S. Intake Plenum with 80mm Throttle Body,
HKS Fcon Vpro Ver 3.24 ECU,

5 speed manual,
Nismo Super Coppermix Twin Plate Clutch,

HKS Hipermax IV GT Coilovers,
ProTune-Competition 6 Pot Front Caliper,
Dixcel 355 X 32 FS-2PC Floating Front Disc,
Brembo Stock Rear Caliper,
Dixcel SD 1-PC Rear Disc Rotor,

Nismo LMGT4 18 x 9.5 Offset +12 (all round),
Michelin Pilot Super Sport 265/35/18 (all round),

Fujimura Auto Rocket Dancer Front Lip Spoiler,
Craft Square Side Mirrors,
Carbon Fiber Intercooler Surround,

Defi Advance ZD,
Skylab Fusion E-TS Controller,
Nismo 260kph Meter Cluster,
Nismo Centre Gauge,
Chargespeed Carbon Fiber Dashboard Cover,
Nismo Seat Covers,
Nardi Torino Steering Wheel,
Takata Drift 2 4-Point Harness,

Garage R, Singapore.



  1. The color on that car is just amazing. Is there a paint code for that?

    1. KH2 - Gunmetal Grey Metallic
      Its the factory color of the R32 if not mistaken

    2. KH2 - Gunmetal Grey Metallic
      Its the factory color of the R32 if not mistaken

    3. Definitely not KH2. I own a GTR and know the colors very well. This is a off Grey with a tint of blue. Closest color is BL0 but that's more silvery. This has to be custom...

    4. Definitely not KH2. I own a GTR and know the colors very well. This is a off Grey with a tint of blue. Closest color is BL0 but that's more silvery. This has to be custom...