Dec 27, 2015

Upshift And Thrill | Midnight Run with LHB Motorsports

From my last post on Cars And Kopi if one may noticed, I also included a photo of a lonely FD2R with a huge LHB sticker on the side. For those who know me well, they know it might be a subliminal message, since Cars And Kopi and this happened on technically the same day. LHB is an exhaust tuning shop located on the east side of Singapore. How I got to know them their cars were frequently captured during Sepang track days. Just by seeing them perform, one can tell that their cars are very worthy competitors.

I got hold of the guy who runs the show known as Aloy to just find a car to do a feature on. But at the end, I was given a bonus that I didn't expect. Aloy rounded up his whole crew. From some of the members and also loyal customers to Aloy's shop, they say a few random dates in a year will be chosen to be their "Rounding night" so that the guys can meet up and drive across the island. The only reason to have this happen is so that the guys won't get bored.

On another note, this is a good and eye opening insight since the situation is a bit different back in KL. Nowadays, most just want to take their so-called built and tuned machines to just park and chill which I feel is a huge waste. These guys from LHB do that too,but they make sure they stretch their rides' legs before doing so. To my surprise, many of them are familiar track weapons I see in Sepang. They just look unmistakably cool on a city street. Clearly shows that these guys build their cars to be driven, not just show and no go.

We met up at an alley near Boon Tat Street in downtown Singapore and set off from there. Majority of them are running K20A with a few other high performance platforms. Long story short, we did take a bit of time for me to shoot one of their cars for feature. But most of the night, we were blasting from end to end of the island until 3 in the morning. With so many well built machines, it might take me a few trips just to feature all of them. But nonetheless, with casual meets and runs like this is what keeps the car scene in Singapore still alive and raw.

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