Nov 25, 2015

Formulating an Orchestra | Keith's All-Motor Honda S2000

When a person wants to make great music, the composer must have a capable orchestra. In order to have a capable orchestra, each section of the orchestra must function perfectly with the other counter parts. Only then, the composer can make beautiful music. The same concept can be used in order to build a well-tuned motor regardless if it’s a naturally aspirated or a forced induction motor. But when the composer or in this case the tuner puts a lot of attention into detail and formulates a much different set up that works, the feeling to satisfaction would be similar to creating an iconic musical score. Just like an orchestra, you will know an engine is well built by the sound of it.

Just like the majority of the Singaporean cars that get featured on this blog, this S2000 was a car that I came across during a track day organized by Singaporeans in Sepang. That was when I met Keith, a very friendly guy and an occasional track junkie. After having a chat with him at the pits, I somehow found that he has a huge grasp when it comes to technical knowhow when it comes to naturally aspirated motors. Due to my curiosity, I asked him if he mind if I take a look under the hood of his S2000. What I saw was no joke. After knowing each other for the past few months, we met up in Singapore because I felt a car like this was special. Therefore, it would only worthy to be shot in the streets it knows best.

The codename, Torq Project came to be because of Keith’s deep enthusiasm into naturally aspirated tuning especially on Honda engines. For him, just installing a cold air intake and an aftermarket exhaust wasn’t going to be enough. In fact, he wanted to build something that was unconventional and competitive on the track but also street worthy at the same time. In a way, this build was going to be somewhat of an experiment for him to push the limit of the already capable F22C that came with the car. In a way, he has no intention to compete with other more establish garages but it more of learning curve to see what he can do if he didn’t set limitations on building a well-tuned machine.

Before starting the build, Keith started to make his own research to look for the most suitable parts to put into the F22C motor. Firstly, he contacted Catcams, a company that mostly supply for European made engines like BMW, Audi, Volkswagen and Ferrari. It turns out they have the most aggressive camshaft profile for Hondas. Thus, it was the obvious choice to use. For getting the best airflow possible, Keith decided to go for individual throttle bodies for his set up. Luckily, he was able to contact with AT Power Throttles in the UK to supply the ITBs for him. The reason for going with AT Power ITBs was due to its shaftless design, which means the middle shaft that we usually find in the ITBs isn’t present. This also means the best possible intake flow for the motor.

Besides the parts mentioned earlier, Keith was well aware that displacement played a huge roll when it comes to producing power in an all-motor engine. So the F22C was stroked up with a custom stroker kit formulated himself. Despite all these radical and unheard-of parts, Keith’s S2000 is a highly streetable and daily driven car. Ever since purchasing it, the car now clocks 165,000km on the odometer. Despite being capable to be tamed street car, once the foot goes down, that’s when you feel the outrageous torque from the stroked motor transferring to the tarmac.

After having the set up finally tuned well, it was time to take the S2000 to the track. But while the S2000 was being built, Keith spent most of his seat time at the local go-kart circuit in Singapore. So in a way, he hasn’t really got sufficient seat time in his actual car. But despite the lack of seat time, he entered the last round of Zerotohundred Time To Attack back in early October this year. Even with the lack of testing, he managed to clock 2 minutes and 34 seconds at Sepang without any major issues. This becomes the benchmark and it proves that even with an unconventional set up, if it works as planned, the outcome will be just beautiful music made.

From our Time To Attack album

For Keith, this is only the beginning of an endless journey with his S2000. Under the codename Torq Project, he also helps other like-minded enthusiast to build their dream NA machine with the knowledge he have collected so far. But it doesn’t mean his personal S2000 will stay as it is now since he still continues to find was to extract more power without sacrificing the reliability aspect of his car. This is how thinking out of the box makes so much sense.

Owner: Keith Tan
Model: 2004 Honda S2000 AP2
Location: Singapore

2.2L F22C Inline-4,
Torq Project Custom Stroker Kit,
Catcams Custom Spec 14.5mm lift Camshaft,
AT Power 55mm shaftless Individual Throttle Bodies,
Invidia Cat Back Exhaust System,
Typhoon ECU,

6 speed manual,
Clutch Masters FX400 Clutch and Flywheel,
OS Giken Type S LSD,

Ohlins TTX36 Shocks,
Swift Springs,
M&M Front Camber Kit,
Megan Anti-Bumpsteer Kit (Front And Rear),
Megan Center Roll Adjuster (Front And Rear),
AP Racing Brakes,
Slotted Front Rotors,

Custom 17 x 9.75jj (all round)
Yokohama Advan AD08R 255/40/17 (all round)

Tamon Design Race Aerokit,
ASM Wide Rear Fenders,
Dry Carbon Mugen Hardtop,
Dry Carbon Doors,
Dry Carbon Mugen Front Hood,
APR GTC200 GT Wing,

Technocraft Carbon Bucket Seats,

J’s Garage,
B-Shine Grooming,


Initial D inspired BRZ making a cameo

Shot in the streets it knows best

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