Aug 3, 2015

Forced Fed Subtlety | Porsche 997 Turbo

When it comes to cars, I was always into something that might not be too great as it is but it has the potential of unleashed capability. Thus, that's why I always look at cars that is purpose built and capable of doing real world performance and reliability that is better than their stock counterparts. That's what I always look for to put in this little website of mine. But there are always those occasions where you come across something that's already quick in stock form.

Now I'll be honest, I am not really a fan boy when it comes to the Porsche 911. The shape never changed for almost 50 years and it is known to be the type of car that could eat you. Thus, the nickname "The Widowmaker". But I guess that is why the 911 was and always is an icon. But on a positive note, the 997 version got quite a character that will make a seasoned driver to at least give a hats-off.

So back to that night, I was given a call from my friend who brought me the Porsche 993 that I shot a couple months back telling me a friend of his dad is willing to lend his beloved 997 turbo to shoot. He just had to since he saw the photos I took of the 993. Like I said, I'm not a fan but if I can spend one night to fire shots at a Porsche, it wouldn't take much thought for me to say yes.

That night, we took the 997 out to the usual spot in the nation's capital. My so-called outdoor studio. Just taking a look at the 997 under the white LED street lights against the pristine white paint, it just looks picture perfect. Not much of the shape has changed but some of the details have been brought up to date like the LED rear lights and the rear fender that kind of looks like hips.

 Continue to the inside, the timeless style ques of the 911 is still unmistakable with the huge tachometer in the middle. Beside that, got the nice touches in chrome and leather. Something you would see if the car was made for cruising and comfort. In fact, the 997 moves in silence when you roll in low revs down the boulevard in the middle of Putrajaya.

The subtlety continues when we took it out for a spin. It has no Ferrari roar and when rolling through a crowded area. Therefore, it's not as neck breaking. But it is always a thrill to see a car like this roll in the cover of night. But once you open up the throttle, that's when you hear the boost surging in even if the Porsche is already at the end of the block. A reminder that this is a forced induction car that's ridiculously fast. Just three seconds to hit 100 from standstill.

After that night, I was impressed and finally understood why people still love the 911. it might not be appealing to me on the exterior but this car has character. Now safer and faster than the previous 911 Turbo that came out before, this car definitely deserve my hats-off. I might not really look at it if it was in Sepang, but seeing this car on the city streets at night, it puts a whole different mood.

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