Jul 8, 2015

Seven Day | Celebrating the RX7

During the heyday of the Japanese sports car, the Mazda RX7 was the breakthrough car in the market for its lightweight and balanced chassis and its small yet potent rotary power plant. Yet who would knew until today this car would still be an attraction to the average JDM gear head. It became almost like a cult following when RX7 owners worldwide would organize meets on July 7th which is also written as 7/7. Making it an unofficial day to celebrate the RX7.

While a big Seven meet was happening in Japan, an underground meet was being organized in a quiet area of Shah Alam where invites were sent via text message calling out RX7 owners in and around Kuala Lumpur. Beside the usual suspects that brought out their RX7 FDs out, there were also our good friends from Klang who brought out their classic rides and a drop top FC3S to the meet. It was as if it was a ritual for RX7 owners around the world including in KL to bring out their cars especially on July 7th just to show that these old cars still have a special place for enthusiast.

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