Jun 20, 2013

Team Drift battle 3.0

What's up guys, Speed City is back with a special event. This week we got the 3rd edition of team Drift Battle. This is how the game works. Drifters are divided into teams. The objective is that teams must perform a synchronized drift where all members must use same speed, line, and angle. Last edition's winner was Team Warhead consisting of Tengku Djan, Loyai Hanizam and WanBoss. Will they grab the trophy this time?

Teams that are stepping in the arena this time are Team Jawa Taiko, Lorong Tikus, Corolla Perkasa, Warhead, and others. At first, Team Jawa Taiko smashed the competition by beating three other teams until losing to Team Corolla Perkasa. Team Corolla Perkasa is a well known challenger for the Team Drift Battle Series consisting of missile drifters, Angah Tanake, Kucai Tokyo, and Adie Gustor.

Soon, Team Corolla Perkasa were to face defending champions, Team Warhead. Battles went through a one more time. At last, the lead drifter of Team Warhead made a mistake spinning at the entry, giving Team Corolla Perkasa the win. Now as new champions, will they be able to defend the title next time? One way to find out. Congrats to Corolla Perkasa. Until next time, peace!

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