Apr 24, 2013

Hatchback Throwback: CA4A Mitsubishi Mirage

What's up guys. Ok, I know what ya'll are thinking. There is no way you can get a CA4A Mirage in Malaysia. But would that really matter if you can get CA4A conversions like these. I knew the owners Ajim and Shalie for quite sometime now. Aside from casual mountain runners, they are also members of an underground society; Free Runners Syndicate (FRS).

What really got my interest with these guys is how enthusiastic they are towards their rides. Only known by their MDM names (Proton Satria) on their pink slips, but these rides look nothing like it. Shalie explains, the CA4A chassis code is the longest produced Mitsubishi Mirage Hatchbacks ever. Produced from 1991 to 1995 consisting from many variants like the Mirage RS, Mirage Cyborg, Mirage Cyborg and other variant that even I couldn't remember.

Even though it is not as well known as the Honda Civic EG Hatch, but this car was known to give the Honda EG a run for their money back in the 90s. All due to running on a Mitsubishi 4G92 Mivec powerplant found in the JDM Mirage Hatch. These cars are a perfect example of what the Mirage would look like. Ajim's variant follows the Mirage RS whereas Shalies's variant is the Mirage Cyborg.
Owner: Abdul Azim (Ajim)
Model: Proton Satria / Mitsubishi Mirage RS
Location: Putrajaya, Malaysia
1.6L 4G92P,
Stage 1 Head job, 4G93 GSR Intake Manifold, K&N air filter,
Works Adjustable Cam pulley, Fuel Regulator,
4-2-1 Headers, Custom S-Flow exhaust with 5Zigen tip.
FM221 5 Speed Manual, Lighten Flywheel, Exedy Clutch.
GAB Sport Absorbers and Coils,
CA4A OEM Brakes (Front) CE9A OEM Brakes (Rear)
Bendix Metal King pads
4-Point UR Front Bar, Adjustable Upper rear bar.
Malaysian made TE37s
Federal 595EVO 195/55/R15 (all round)
Full Mirage front conversion, Ferrari red paint.
SSCUS Semi bucket seats and harness,MOMO Steering wheel, Ralliart shiftknob.

Owner: Shalie Shahrom
Model: Proton Satria / Mitsubishi Mirage Cyborg
Location: Putrajaya, Malaysia
272 Camshafts, 4-2-1 Zenden Stainless Steel Headers, Simota CAI Enclosed filter,
NGK G-Power plugs, Port and Polish,
5 Speed Manual
Mines RS High-Low Coilovers
UR Front bar 4 point, Rear 3 point strut bar, Upper rear 2 point bar
OEM CA4A Brakes (all round)
Bendix Titanium Stripe pads, ABS delete.
Enkei RPF1
Toyo Proxes T1R 195/50/R15 Front
Bridgestone MY-02 195/50/R15 Rear
Full Mirage Cyborg front and rear conversion, Yellow fog lights,
Mirage JDM rear bonnet reflector.
Scotia White paint (Mitsubishi OEM)
Nardi Torino Steering wheel, Ralliart shiftknob.

In conclusion, seeing how clean and close to completion these rides are, I can definitely say that these Mirage enthusiasts have the closest thing to the original CA4A. But they still have a few little bits before they can say their rides are 'complete'. If you got a sweet ride to share, just contact me through MC Facebook Page or e-mail to aliffaznan@yahoo.com with high resolution pics and specs. That's all from MC, Peace!

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Saturday Night Drift Assault 68.0

What's up guys. We are back fresh with another edition of the Saturday Night Drift Assault series here in Speed City KL. This week, we got the same drift action. But this time we are using a new track layout.

The layout used this week was the layout from last year's Formula Drift Malaysia. It consist a long straight with light transitions. Goes all the way to the wall before a tight chicane at the end. Personally, this layout is one of my favourite ones.

This week, we welcomed a car club consisting of 90s Beemers from the E36 Fanatics. E36 just like Djan Ley's track car. From the usual sedans to the rare E36 Coupes. Well, that's all from me. Until next time. Peace!

For complete album, check out Mat Canyon's Facebook page.

Apr 17, 2013

Team Drift Battle 2.0

What's up guys. The guys from Speed City KL are back with a special event. The Team Drift battle series. For those who don't know, Team Drift Battle is basically a drift off consisting more than one car per run. Between teams of 3 or 4, one team must make a synchronized run and maintain close proximity with each other in order to win.

As we all know, the champions of the last Team Drift Battle is Team Warhead consisting of Tengku Djan, Loyai and Wan Boss. Will they maintain their dominance or will an underdog team knock them out? Here's the story.

This is the list of teams involved in the Team Drift Battle.

 -Team Jual Magazine: Ariff Jo, Jane, and Farhan
 -Drifta Holix:  Min Min, Atok and Botak
 -Jawa Taiko: Daus, Ah Fong and Saparin
 -MZD: Lan, Ejad, and Ucop
 -War Head: Djan, Loyai, and WanBoss
 -Yellow Mie: Sham Sahar, Shah and Iswan
 -Corolla Perkasa: BullZai, Angah Tanaka and Dol TGS
 -KE70: Fakrul, Epul and Suhailan.
 -1Malaysia: Warnbro, Jeevan and Timothy Yeo.

The first team to run was the first to be dominant in the competition which is Team Jual Magazine. With Ariff Jo and Azrina Jane on the same team, it will never disappoint since this husband-wife team mates are known for their synchronization on the track. But their dominance was short lived when Team 1Malaysia knocked them out. After that they were knocked out by team Yellow Mie. Soon after that, when it was time to battle Team Warhead, Team yellow Mie was close knocking them out but Warhead's close proximity was proven no match to Yellow Mie. Warhead once again came out on top as champions that night. Well that's all from me. Untill next time. Peace!

Claire (尐瓜) was nice enough to pose for the camera

Apr 5, 2013

Saturday Night Drift Assault 66.0

What's up guys, we here on the 66th edition of the SNDA series. Now this week was a little special since Speed City KL has turned 2. For that, the SCKL speed shop has a special of free rides with Djan when you spend more than RM70 there.

This time, we had a visit with two car clubs. The Killer Bees and the KE70 club. One are classic 80s JDM, one are mid 90s Mazdas and Fords. Now on a separate note, the old busted up S13 coupe of SCKL has came back from the dead as a Zombie Hunting Assault Vehicle! Well that's all for now, peace!